Integrity is Key


Let me first define integrity in the context of leadership and work. Integrity is the “how” you go about your work. It’s understanding your impact on people, it’s having consideration and empathy without compromising outcomes.

There is always the right way to do tough things with integrity.

Acting with integrity is so important, we need leaders and companies that really care about people, equality, diversity and the environment. Caring is critical if we want more than just success.

When you’re not integral, you and those around you will suffer. Not having integrity in the way you lead and work will strip you and others of peace and it’s supposed to, it’s an internal guide. Integrity creates trust and respect. As a leader you are always burdened with hard choices that affect people but there’s a right way, one that’s in alignment for you, your company and ultimately others.

I’ve seen two clear patterns in leaders when it comes to people and their ability to make decisions. The first avoids making hard and honest decisions about their people because they care too much about what other people think,  they often over-sympathise and fear what the outcome will be. The second doesn’t care about people, they do what they think is right, they damage relationships and burn people. Both need to grow and both lack integrity.

Leading with integrity is both powerful and humbling.

You have to do what’s right for your company, as a leader you have a responsibility to make sure you have the best people in the right roles. People that are qualified, a cultural fit and bring value to the company from the moment they start. If you haven’t figured it out, people make or break business and leaders make or break people.

Leaders need to innately know when to invest and challenge their team but also when people are just not right. They have to make hard and brave decisions,  face truths about people but when done with integrity it negates fear and doubt. You need to be aware of your impact, others need to matter and to be frank if you don’t care about people then you shouldn’t be leading people.

Integrity is not reactive, it’s wise, measured and means that you’re usually coming from a place of calm, it’s right, it’s in alignment. This is really important when you are responsible for others, it reassures people in times of change and uncertainty. When we do the tough human things in the right way, we don’t spiral into guilt and doubt afterwards. The integrity of our “how” acts like a sturdy foundation, an anchor through the uncertainty of the intense emotions that come at these times.

As a leader you need to live what you expect, lead the way, be integral. Your company will ultimately reflect you, your values and how you make your decisions. Take the higher ground and do what’s ultimately right but please do it in the right way, with compassion and awareness of your impact, be integral.

With love Nardia xxx