Alignment is the most powerful and important teaching I could ever give anyone. It really is the key to transforming your life.

 It’s also a little tricky to teach because your alignment potential resides in you. Only you know what will make you feel good in any given moment, under your current circumstances. It’s always in the context of where you are right now and you need to factor in the time, money and resources you have at your disposal.  

 To really understand this little powerhouse of potential, “your alignment”, and how to allow it to do it’s work, you’ll need to ask yourself a few questions. How do I feel and what do I need to do right now to make me feel better? You’ll need to become acutely self aware and ask yourself these same questions over and over each and every day.

 Your alignment is the thing you need to do, under the circumstances that makes you feel the best you can in that moment or gives you the most relief from what you are experiencing. You need to be brave and willing to “feel good”. You might think why is that brave? But we have been conditioned to settle, compromise, live and work in a way the exhausts and depletes us.  Alignment is not for the people pleaser, you are going to need to be “good selfish”, which just means focused on yourself in a good way. When you find your alignment you give those around you the opportunity to find theirs.

 We are not robots able to thrive doing the same thing in the same way every day on autopilot.  We are emotional beings, we need to listen and adapt to our emotions, our feelings are always guiding us to an innate intelligence that resides within us, letting us know if what we are doing is right or at the very least if we are doing it in the right way.

 Have you ever needed to do something important at work and you just couldn’t get into it, too many distractions, no desire to complete the task? You keep moving around until eventually you leave it and change your environment, then you easily smash through it. That’s alignment and those feelings of frustration are guiding to you move, to keep changing until you find the place where you can do what you need to do.

 It’s important to understand that you don’t always need to physically change your location or move to get into alignment, you can change what you’re thinking and get into alignment just as easily.  There’s always a way, and you need to keep going until you find it, you’ll know immediately when you do because you get an instant uplift or feel instant relief.

 To live in alignment you’re going to need to set an intention, make it a priority, focus on how you feel and give yourself permission to meet your needs in a way that feels right for you, under the circumstances of course. You’ll need to let go of some of the things you do, things that bring out the worst in you or make you feel crappy, change things, allow yourself to experiment. Keep an open mind and be uncompromising on settling for anything less than feeling good.

 The “aligned mindset” appreciates what you have and accepts where you are. It is forgiving and understands that all negativity strips you of your alignment. It knows that if you focus and talk about the problem you get more of the same problem in your reality. It’s self-focused and is willing to do whatever it takes to get into alignment, which is simply the thing that you crave and need the most, under your current circumstances. 

 To get into and maintain alignment you are going to need to get in control of your spinning mind. We need to learn how to harness the wild beast that is our thoughts and deliberately focus them onto things that makes us feel good, connect us and uplift us. Alignment is our natural state but we need to put time and energy into cultivating it if we want to feel good within ourselves.

 When you are out of alignment don’t attempt to do anything apart from get into alignment. Stop what you are doing and distract yourself, go off topic, change your mindset, go for a walk, get into nature, phone a friend, play some music, do whatever it takes to realign and then go back to whatever you were doingNo one else knows what you need to do every waking second to get into or maintain your alignment, only you. This is your life’s work, the single most important thing you can do is to teach yourself is how to get into alignment, and stay there.

 Just remember that anything can be learnt, you just need intention and practice.

 With love and alignment

Nardia xxx