When our Head of Culture introduced us to Nardia, we were looking for a Leadership Coach. What we found in this extraordinary person is a guru. In six months she had transformed my relationship with my co-founder and brother-in-law Justin, my leadership team, my relationship with my family - my very life. She helped me let go of walls I had built around myself since childhood. She saw greatness in me that I did not even see in myself. It has been profoundly humbling, and powerfully transformative. I can honestly say I am on my way to being a better leader, and a better human. Every leader of every company should beg Nardia to consider working with them, I truly mean that. She is a very gifted and good human.
— Andre Eikmeier | Co-Founder | Vinomofo
From the moment I first met Nardia, I knew there was something unique about her. It’s hard to put into words but she’s going to change your life. The cracks begin to widen until eventually you are free from the walls you’ve built up to protect yourself. What emerges is the best and most fulfilled version of you. It can be confronting but that’s your own shit because she’s magnificent and does it with absolute integrity and love. Her belief in me has transformed my life as a leader and human. I honestly couldn’t be more grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her. I wish everyone could have this opportunity but there is only one Nardia so beg and plead her to take you on if you are ready...
— Justin Dry | Co-Founder and CEO | Vinomofo
Working with Nardia Renney has been instrumental in allowing me to enter a new and exciting phase of personal and professional growth. Her unique insights and unparalleled levels emotional intelligence have taught me connection, to heal strained relationships and how love can be so much broader and relevant to the work environment than I had previously considered possible. Moving beyond technical and academic growth, Nardia has opened up a whole new dimension in which to mature and built a pathway to connect emotionally in business. Her remarkable understanding of people and their true needs is truly powerful and something that can only be seen first hand to be believed.
— Darcy Naunton | Co Founder | York Butter Factory
After seven years grinding away at our ambitious vision the YBF team had finally created opportunity to grow exponentially - but the people and team needed to reset around this in order to realise the potential. As a leader working with Nardia has been transformative, both personally and for the way in which the team now comes together - and supporting us in breaking through to the next level.
— Stuart Richardson | Co Founder | York Butter Factory
Never have I met anyone as unique, contrarian, and alive as Nardia. She is the flower that blooms amongst a field of snow and a ray of sunshine that lights up the darkest rooms. To say that she has had a significant impact on my life and that of the company would be an understatement - working with Nardia is an experience so shocking and different that she will completely change the way you’ll view life and work. She has helped me to confront my fears, heal relationships, and better understand my vision and purpose. I knew within the first five minutes of meeting her that my life would never be the same; my advice for anyone thinking of working with Nardia is to give her just five minutes to show you the path to a better version of yourself.
— Jason Lim | General Manager | York Butter Factory
When Nardia tells you she is going to transform you and your life, initially, you will literally roll your eyes so far back into your head you’ll be able to see your hair growing. Then after a few sessions, you realise you have worn a mask because Nardia, with love and in a very secure environment, makes you confront all that you have stored in the “I’ll deal with that later” recesses of your brain. Once you have embraced the changes needed to be the truest form of you it is totally freeing; Nardia’s insights to the human condition is unparalleled as she guides you to a form of self realisation you never thought possible and in a manner that encourages you to embrace, understand & forgive yourself for being flawed and then gives you the life skills to change and better your life on every level. The changes she has made to the way I process thoughts has had a huge impact on my self esteem and has afforded me the confidence to be a more effective communicator in all aspects of my life.
— Chris Yates | Office Manager | Macmechanics
Nardia has an uncanny ability to cut through your doubts, misbeliefs, and excuses - that you’re making to others, but more importantly to yourself - in a remarkably efficient manner. She’s helped me to realise that the only one holding me back in life, work, and my relationships is myself, and that with a few simple - yet incredibly powerful - changes I can enjoy a better, more fulfilling existence. Concerns and worries that once clouded my every waking moment now seem a triviality that deserve none of my attention or time. Who I am is no longer defined by what I do, or what others choose to believe of me. These are life-changing influences, and they wouldn’t have happened without Nardia’s honest, no-bullshit counsel. I’m very lucky to have found Nardia. If you have the opportunity to work with her, don’t hesitate; it’s the best investment in yourself that you can make.
— John Bishop | Co-Founder & Joint CEO | PetRescue
When I first met Nardia a year ago I was sceptical as all hell. Who was this fiery woman (in hair and in spirit!) who didn’t know me yet dared to speak frankly to me about me? But even though I initially found her methods confrontational, I quickly learned there is method to them - Nardia knows exactly how to get to the core of a person. I have worked with her several times since, both to better myself and to better the team and the relationships within it, and have come to rely heavily on her for support and honest counsel. What she does is valuable and vital, and I believe her guidance is essential for those wanting to transform themselves personally and in a work environment. Give her a call - you won’t regret it.
— Anna Webster | Head of Content | Revel Global
Nardia does not put up with any of my shit. The advice and leadership I get from her, delivered with love, is exactly what I needed. I wasn’t totally broken, but I certainly was not where I knew I could be. Investing in myself, via Nardia, has been transformational. The walls that I have built over 40 years have been broken down and I’m a better husband, father and colleague. Being a coach, adviser and investor myself, Nardia’s lessons live beyond me into my own mentees and I’m forever grateful for that too
— Matt Allen | Startmate Partner
Working with Nardia was one of the most rewarding and life changing experiences I have had. We met at the lowest point of my life and after several attempts to get help from other professionals, I finally found someone who was able to help me navigate my way through. With Nardia’s help I was able to come out of an extremely confusing and challenging situation with clarity, dignity, gratitude and a huge amount of personal growth. She completely changed my thinking to allow me to start seeing the positives and make smart decisions throughout that period that I feel have set me up for life. Her ability to read people, situations, explain and see things that other people can’t is quite freaky. I learnt more about myself in 6 months with Nardia than what i had in my whole life. She pushed me out of my comfort zone, challenged me and my thinking, made me put big goals and plans in place and back my instincts and the things that fell into place for me really quickly was extraordinary. I continue to back myself with confidence and trust my instincts more in all areas of life. It was one of the best investments I have ever made and could not recommend Nardia more highly to anyone who is looking to step it up in life.
— Sam Cranage | Private Wealth Advisor | Carnage Financial Group