Andre Eikmeier | Co-Founder | VINOMOFO



NardiaJoy is a leadership coaching business based in Melbourne. Nardia offers bold and brave founders and leaders in business and their management teams, the opportunity to grow and transform the way they lead and work together. The guiding values and principles of Nardia's consulting style are truth, love, integrity and alignment. 

Nardia explores the human side of a company and then with intensive feedback and coaching together you make bold and brave decisions to align founders and team members and create change. 

Together, you clarify your “why”, become self aware and create a customised model of leadership that transforms the way that you lead. Nardia helps you to understand how to connect to your management team and understand what motivates and inspires them to the brand and their work. 

Nardia helps leaders to heal relationships by taking responsibility and ownership for their part in the divide and then coach them to be vulnerable and have empathy so that everyone feels safe, able to take risks and do their best work. 

In order to thrive and feel good about yourself as a human, a leader, a woman or man you need live your life in alignment with your values. You need to work in a way that sets you free to do so and then take those around you on the journey with you. This is what courageous leadership is all about. 

Nardia coaches individual members of the management team to bring out the best in themselves through ownership of skills and talents and awareness of their limitations and then provide the tools to overcome their blockers. Then coach them to do this within their own teams. 

NardiaJoy offers workshops on various topics including effective communication, role clarification and how to have honest conversations and be authentic and leading with empathy and honesty.