Truth Lesson


Why do so many of us suffer from truth paralysis? 

Why do we find sharing our thoughts and opinions so confronting?

Why are we so terrified and assume our truth will offend others? 

Why can’t we speak easily and freely?

We’ve become so scared and self conscious that we’ll be judged or that we’ll hurt other’s feelings when we speak our truth. We often lack integrity in how we communicate. We have no problem in passing judgment of someone behind their back because we lack the ability to ask them questions, to get to understand them more.

We need to create workplaces and homes that are safe and that inspire us to become honest. Where we give permission and teach each other how to communicate our “truth’s” effectively. In order to make it safe we have to stop back door communication and judgement. It’s toxic and divisive and never has or will help anyone. We need to be open and transparent. So much good stuff is left unsaid because of our fear of confrontation. We need to allow people to get theirtruth out and through respectful communication, let each other talk it all through, until we align or find acceptance. They key to being truthful is that you need to do it with love (without judgement) and from a place of integrity, otherwise you won’t be heard, the message is lost and someone usually gets hurt.

We need to claim our truth. We need to speak what we feel, we need to find the courage to own, say and write whatever we feel. Get it out, being honest about what you’re thinking and feeling about your life and work is so important because you can’t change what you don’t acknowledge or validate for yourself. We also need to understand that truthis relative and that everyone’s truth is valid from their perspective. With empathy and questions it’s not hard to hear and understand everyone’s perspective. Everyone has a story.

We need to remember what someone thinks of you is actually none of your business, it only matters what you think of you.

We’ve got to learn to speak more honestly to ourselves and externally to others. We’ve not been taught how to express ourselves in a way that gets us seen and heard, in a way that unites and liberates us. If this is true for you, then you need to act and lead the way on this. You need to stop all toxic, back door communication, initiate a new intention, ask for courage from others and call upon courage for yourself. Be brave and trust in each other and then ask for everyone else’s truth. Then, we need to handle the truth, the feedback, let it wash over us. Hear it, feel it and watch what happens when you create an environment that’s so integral and safe that it allows people to speak their truth.The instant relief, connection and empathy that occurs is glorious, it should just be normal, but because it’s not, it really is glorious.

The truth does and really will set you free.

With love Nardia xxx