Business is about people, you can’t extricate the two. It’s time to bring a people focussed approach back to business, as a leader this is both your opportunity and responsibility.

It’s a great privilege to be a leader. All transformation starts with you, therefore, you must lead the way. You must get to know yourself innately and become self aware. You need to know and OWN your POWER, your TRIGGERS and FEARS, then be willing to be unraveled, real and vulnerable so you can lead with love and integrity and be ALL that you are.

Love, and empowering people to be seen and validated belongs at work as does compassion and humanity. Why do we emphasize the need to be "professional" at work, which implies that being real or emotional is not okay. We really need to evolve emotionally and corporations need to allow us to be human, feel safe and trust that we can still do our job effectively.

Life is life, there is no divide between work life and home life, it’s all personal. We bring all that we are, all our insecurities, self doubt and baggage with us. Business needs to understand this, evolve and become emotionally empowering by facing this and creating an environment that makes people safe and enable them to flourish.

In order to thrive and feel good about yourself as a human, a leader, a woman or man you need live your life in alignment with your values. You need to work in a way that sets you free to do so and then take those around you on the journey with you. Something really beautiful happens when people come together to create something they are passionate about and believe in. Your life changes, the lives of others change and collectively, we impact the world around us for the greater good.

This is what courageous leadership is all about. We’re not here to be more efficient business leaders, we’re here to bring out the best in each other and thrive so we can make the world a better place.

= Nardia Renney