7 Characteristics of Good Leadership


Good leadership is a skill that can be taught, in fact it should be taught at a very young age. We all need to take ownership of our actions, be responsible and lead the way. However I really believe that some people are natural leaders, it’s innate to them. Exceptional leaders are impressive, rare, inspiring humans, who change our world, make us think differently, ask questions, reflect and grow us.

There are some common characteristics of good leadership:

Self Awareness

A good leader is first and foremost self aware, you can’t change what you don’t acknowledge. They know their strengths and weaknesses, take responsibility and own what they get wrong or are not good at. They can regulate their emotions, therefore they are not reactive and they make people feel safe. 


They have a vision of a world which they help to create or shape in some way and this guides and aligns them. They know what they stand for and their values. Good leaders have clarity, know their why, are uncompromising, open-minded and receptive. They are deep, contemplative thinkers, who ask questions and seek answers. 


Good leaders are strong and effective communicators, able to communicate their vision, plans and strategy effectively, get buy-in and easily motivate their teams. They are integral communicators, only speaking about their team members to them, not to others. They ‘get’ people, are empathetic humans who are aware of the impact they have on others, the environment and the world. They are receptive to feedback and in fact they will most likely ask for it. 


Great leaders are intuitive whether they realise it or not. They are sound decision makers, can take risks and back themselves. They are smart, adaptive and agile. 

Build a Tribe

Good leaders are not afraid to surround themselves with people who are smarter and more skilled than they are. They lead more and do less. The right people are key to your success 


They can recover and rebuild themselves after failure, in fact they can’t not, it’s who they are. 

Growth Mindset

Good leadership is constantly seeking growth and improvement, they are always hungry for more. 

If you want to be a good leader, you need to meet your people where they’re at. See them, hear them and build good relationships with them. Know who they are, then lead, inspire and take them on the journey with you. You are only as good as the people around you and they, as a collective are a reflection of you - both good and bad. 

Good leadership is first a decision, then a commitment to practice the skills that bring out the best in you and others. You and your leadership will always be a work in progress.