Leadership Growth…with Love


I’ve been working in startups and small business with leaders and teams transforming how they do people, leadership and culture. I’m certainly not your average bear (coach), I don’t come prescribed, with a formula or blueprint. Nothing wrong with that by the way, it’s just not who I am.

My guiding principles are Love, Truth, Integrity and Alignment.

I come into your world as a blank canvas, receptive and ready to learn you. I hear your story, as a leader, as a company and as a leadership team. I instantly know where you’re coming from, what state you’re in. Whether you are coming from ego, fear, pain, frustration, dissapointemnt or whether you’re in alignment and coming from a place of caring, growth or excitement. It’s really obvious to me who and what’s in alignment and what’s not.

Let me explain my guiding principles and show you why these principles are so necessary, not only in leadership and companies but in our everyday lives.

In order to do my work the way I need to I show up with unconditional LOVE.That just means without judgement — I show up with my whole heart. To do that I’m always a little vulnerable because love is raw and real opposed to judgment which often gives the judger a false sense of confidence and even superiority. LOVE is how I get to see who you are beyond your fears, ego and limitations, I see you fully and completely. It’s both liberating and confronting for my clients, they say. Some people call this a gift it’s not, I’ve worked bloody hard emotionally and spiritually to live this work or better put, to work what I live. LOVE from the inside out, me first, then extended out.

Then with LOVE I share the uncensored TRUTH in real time, live with each and everyone I work with. If I feel it, see it or sense it then it’s coming out of my mouth and fast. I’m also an extrovert, so it’s a lot of information coming right at you. I think one of the reasons I’m intense and so fast paced when I speak my truth is so I don’t second guess myself, if I thought about some of the things I feel compelled to say I just wouldn’t say them. But, time and time again, I say what everyone is thinking but can’t or won’t say. The TRUTH is that we don’t understand ourselves enough as humans to not get lost in other people’s egos, especially when we work with lots of people. We don’t know that we are NOT our past, our fears or limitations, our ego. They are but mere constructs we’ve built over time, often to protect ourselves from fear of further hurt. My job is to confront those limitations, with LOVE, to show you who you TRULY are without them. The sad TRUTH is I lose a few people at the TRUTHstage of my work, some people aren’t ready to face it, let alone own and take responsibility for theirs. That’s okay, readiness is key. It’s big work and only effective if you’re really seek growth and transformation and are willing to go all in.

INTEGRITY from my perspective just means a genuine caring from me to you and anyone willing to do this work. If you are willing and ready to grow, learn and change your life for the better I will do whatever is within my means to help you evolve. It’s a privilege to do this work, to see someone fully, to get to know someone completely. To challenge, and watch you grow and transform, I take it very seriously and although I’m uncompromising in the way I work, I’m also very caring and genuinely want the best outcome for you and your company. Your transformation is very fulfilling to me.

ALIGNMENT is the single and most valuable lesson I could ever teach anyone. So what is it and how do you get it? ALIGNMENT is a state of connection to yourself for your wellbeing, happiness, relief, calm, or whatever it is you most want to feel in any given situation. We in the western world live out of alignment, a lot. We parent our children according to other people’s advice, we educate and work in ways that often deplete us and make us come home exhausted and out of ALIGNMENT. When you live and work in ALIGNMENTyou have an abundance of energy, you don’t sweat the small stuff, people out of alignment don’t bother you, things come easily, life feels good, life is fun, you enjoy your time, doing good work, easily, you know, it’s when you’ve just got that spring in your step and life feels good. We need to give ourselves permission to validate our needs and wants and know that they are simply our ALIGNMENT potential, our way of feeling good, right now. Personally, I’ve been test driving alignment for years, at least twenty five, trying to figure out how I can find alignment in any and every situation. I’m kind of obsessed with my alignment. So if I’m in a meeting and I start losing the will to live, it’s clearly out of alignment. I’ll interrupt it and start asking questions and keep asking them until we find the meeting’s ALIGNED potential.

I really believe that any person, leader and company has the opportunity to live their ALIGNED potential. To find your unique, ALIGNED momentum so that you can lead and collaborate from a place of joy. Let’s face it, we’re in this for the ride, right, we’re supposed to enjoy the journey. We’re not supposed to grind ourselves down to the bone, become successful but wreck ourselves in the process. It’s our birth right to live a good life, the best life we can, no matter where we are now or where we’ve come from. I urge you as a leaders and companies to explore love and compassion and truth and honesty, integrity with yourself and others and explore the impact these principles may have on you, the people you lead and your company.

As leaders and people we need to stop looking outside ourselves for anything other than stimulation, we need to go within, to love, to create a new story, listen to our feelings and have the courage to act, to do what we and only we know feels right to us, to lead from the inside out, to believe and trust ourselves.

That’s how you live and unlock you and your company’s full and glorious potential.

With love and alignment Nardia xxx